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SWEA London Scholarship

SWEA, Swedish Women’s Educational Association, International, is a global, not for profit organisation for Swedish or Swedish-speaking women, who currently are or have been living abroad.

SWEA International was founded by Agneta Nilsson in Los Angeles in 1979.
SWEA has approximately 7 500 members in 73 local Chapters in 34 countries on five continents – a proof of the need of and great interest in this type of organisation.

SWEA is in the world today one of the most important not for profit Swedish organisations, promoting Sweden through multifacetted activities, representing Sweden abroad, strengthening the ties to countries.

SWEA promotes education through Scholarships and other projects with Swedish connections.

SWEA’s aim is to preserve the Swedish language, support and spread information about Swedish culture and traditions, help create personal and professional contacts, as well as to establish a worldwide network of SWEA members.

SWEA International London Chapter, a charitable and educational organisation with a membership of about 200, offers an annual Scholarship of £3000 for the promotion and preservation of the Swedish language and culture in the UK.

Application procedures:

To be enclosed with the application:

1) Application form
2) Curriculum vitae
3) Two references

Your referees should:

A) be informed about SWEA and the Criteria for the Scholarship
B) refer to one or several points of your application and be as specific and concise as possible
C) send their letter of recommendation separately and directly to: Joj Lind at:
swealondonstipendium(Ersätt dessa parenteser med @ tecknet)

If you need additional information about the Scholarship SWEA International London Chapter offers, please contact the above mentioned SWEA member or the chairman Helen Rennie-Smith: london(Ersätt dessa parenteser med @ tecknet)

Criteria for SWEA International London Chapter Scholarship

º Applicants must live, study or work in the UK.

º The Scholarship is open to applicants regardless of ethnic background, sex, religion or nationality.

º Knowledge of the Swedish language is an advantage, but not a requirement.

º Applicants should use the Scholarship for a project or studies in a Swedish related subject of their own choice.

º Applicants must submit:
1) application form
2) presentation of her/himself, with background and interests
3) detailed description of proposed project
4) statement explaining how the scholarship money would be used
5) name and address of two referees

• Applications must be postmarked no later than 1 November of the year of the application and sent to:
swealondonstipendium(Ersätt dessa parenteser med @ tecknet)

• Recipients should support the goals and activities of SWEA International London Chapter and be willing to address SWEA members at meetings.

• Members of the Board of Directors of SWEA International London Chapter and their immediate families are NOT eligible to apply for the scholarship.

• SWEA International London Chapter retains the right not to grant the award if the Scholarship Committee finds no suitable recipient.

• Applicants and the recipient will be notified of the Committee’s decision before the end of the year of the application.

• The Scholarship will be presented at SWEA International London Chapter’s Annual General Meeting in January or February of the ensuing year.

SWEA International London Chapter Scholarship Application Form

  • 2) Detailed description of your proposed project and how you are going to spend the Scholarship money. Our jury, who may consult other experts, will carefully evaluate your project. You are encouraged to expand on any specific qualifications enabling you to successfully complete your project, which should broadly fall within the categories language, literature, art and music. (Accepted file formats are .doc or .pdf)
  • 3) Two referees

  • 4) Questions to be answered

  • 5) As part of the Scholarship the successful candidate will be required to present her/his project to the SWEA members and account for how the money was spent at SWEA International London Chapter’s Annual General Meeting in January or February the following year.
  • I hereby certify, that the statement given in this application is true. In the event I am awarded the Scholarship, I agree to submit a written report to SWEA International London Chapter within a year of receiving the Scholarship.